Buying a House vs Condo in Hawaii Part 1

Buying a home in beautiful Big Island, Hawaii is an exciting opportunity, but should you buy a house, or a condo? There are pros and cons to both. When you are trying to decide between buying a house and a condo in Hawaii, consider your lifestyle, and some of these factors:

Buying a Condo in Hawaii

Many homebuyers in Hawaii are choosing to purchase condos over a single-family home. Condos tend to be more affordable and convenient, and they are certainly more readily available on the market. Hawaii condos do come with some disadvantages though, so make sure to weigh the pros and cons listed below before you decide to buy a Hawaii condo:

Condo Pros

When it comes to availability, there are simply more condos available for a better price than houses. Many condos offer ocean, mountain or golf course views and easy walking-distance access to the beach, while most houses are located a little farther away from the coast.

Many condos on the market are located right beside the island’s best resorts, and offer the same resort-like amenities, including pools, gyms, tennis courts and even golf courses that condo residents and their guests can take full advantage of.

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Amenities enjoyed by condo owners vary, but always include building maintenance and landscaping, both of which can be costly and very time-consuming for single-family homeowners.

Condo Cons

While the convenience and luxury offered by condo living makes it the ideal buying choice for many, it comes with a price. Monthly AOAO (Association of Apartment Owners) or HOA (Homeowners Association) fees are charged in addition to your monthly mortgage and utilities, and depending on where you live and what’s covered, these fees can be very costly. When looking at condos in Hawaii, talk with your realtor and make sure you have the association fee rules, covrages, and possible increases in writing.

The wonderful part about condo living is getting to know your close neighbors. In Hawaii – arguably the happiest, friendliest place in the world – it is easy to make fast friends; however, if quiet and privacy is more important to you, you may want to reconsider buying a condo. Some condos are quieter than others, and many enforce quiet hours. Before buying, make sure you know the condo rules for noise and large gatherings.

New Hawaii residents love bringing along their pets, and this can be a huge factor when choosing between a house and a condo. Pet restrictions are very common in Hawaii condos. Many forbid having pets at all, and condos that do allow pets often only allow cats. Condos that approve of dogs will also likely have a breed and weight limit, so be sure to review each condo’s pet policy carefully.

Buying a condo in Hawaii can be a great investment, and perfect fit for many Hawaii buyers, but be sure to review the pros and cons of owning a single-family home before making your decision.