Buying a House vs Condo in Hawaii Part 2

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Continued from Part 1: Buying a Condo in Hawaii. Buying a home in beautiful Big Island, Hawaii is an exciting opportunity, but should you buy a house, or a condo? There are pros and cons to both. When you are trying to decide between buying a house in Hawaii and buying a condo, consider your lifestyle, and some of these factors:

Buying a House in Hawaii

Although many homebuyers in Hawaii choose to purchase a condo, some families are finding that a single-family home is their ideal choice. Houses may be harder to come by, and often more expensive, but they offer more space, privacy and creative freedom. Buying a house in Hawaii also offers disadvantages, so be sure to carefully weigh your options before pursuing a Hawaii single-family home.

House Pros

If you want to move to Hawaii to enjoy your own private piece of paradise, then a single-family home may be the perfect choice. Free of association fees and rules, Hawaii homeowners can enjoy trying their hand at tropical gardening, holding late-night get-togethers, and giving their children and pets freedom to roam the backyard.

Single-family homes are also much more widespread throughout the island. While condos are clustered downtown and near the big resorts, single-family homes can be found in charming small towns and in quiet neighborhoods up and down the coast.

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House Cons

Gardening and landscaping is a joy to some, but in Hawaii, it can quickly become a chore. The island’s tropical climate means the growing season is year-round, and includes dealing with pests and aggressive weeds. Consistent effort is a must to maintain a clean yard in Hawaii.

Houses also have more expensive utilities than condos do. And even though you don’t have to worry about heating in the winter, Hawaii still has the priciest electric costs in the country.

Buying a house in Hawaii can be like owning your own piece of paradise, offering total freedom and access to some of the more tranquil neighborhoods and coastal areas. Purchasing a house does come with some drawbacks, however, so take the time to review the pros and cons of both single-family homes and condos to find the best fit for you.