Living With Hawaii Volcanoes

The current Kilauea eruption can affect Hawaii’s real estate. Read on to discover how living on a volcano affects your home on Hawaii Island.

Before Buying a Home in Hawaii

If you are trying to figure out what to do before buying a home in Hawaii, I’m going to give you my best advice I offer to my clients… Before you do call a realtor, I would get a pre qualified mortgage first. A lot of people, they call myself, and they want to set … Read More >>

Vacation Rentals in Hawaii

  We live in a beautiful place and many people seek to find condos in Hawaii for sale so they can enjoy vacationing here and make an income on that property by doing short term vacation rentals from it, when they aren’t in Hawaii. Before you go ahead and buy the first property you see, … Read More >>

Why A Hawaii Home Lender Is Beneficial To You

Let me tell you a few reasons Why a Hawaii Lender is Beneficial to You When Buying a Home in Hawaii… We live in a very unique place and with that comes some out of the ordinary conditions in Hawaii.  Because of this I recommend people looking to purchase a Hawaii home , to look … Read More >>

2018 Best Places to Live in Hawaii — Part 1

Let us take you on a quick tour of the 2018 best places to live in Hawaii. Beauty, adventure, tides and mountains — Hawaii satisfies your soul no matter your passion. Retire in paradise or trade a fast-paced life for a more relaxed one.

The Final Walkthrough

Closing on your new Hawaii home is only days away – congratulations! You’re almost there, but there’s still one last step: the final walkthrough.

Hawaii Homeowners Insurance

Even in paradise, disaster can strike at any time. Protect your property with good Hawaii homeowners insurance coverage. Here are some tips to keep in mind: