Benefits of Hiring a Hawaii Realtor to Sell your Home

Deciding on selling your home is a tough decision. Whether you’re selling for the first time, or are simply trying to get a return on one of your investment properties, getting a house sold is a daunting, and often emotional, process. Selling your home in Hawaii can be even more difficult than on the mainland. There are special factors to consider, like volcano zoning and invasive coqui frogs, and a competitive housing market that can turn on a dime. Hiring a Hawaii realtor to sell your home is the best way to get the most for your money, and will certainly save you time and stress in the process.

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Local Market Expertise

There’s a reason why 90 percent of sellers hire an agent to help sell their home. Selling involves a lot of knowledge about the local housing market, and if you live on the mainland most of the year, keeping up with the value of houses and condos in your island neighborhood can be tricky. It’s the realtor’s job to keep up with changes in the market, and to know what comparable homes in your neighborhood have sold for recently. A good local Hawaii realtor will be up to date on the current market, and can help ensure that you list your home for the right price, whether you need a quick sale or can afford to wait for the best opportunity.

Marketing and Networking

If you decide to sell a house by yourself, you will have a limited number of prospective buyers that you can market to, especially if you live off-island. Most realtors both sell and buy houses, and they are well-connected in the community. They can market the property to fellow agents and the general public more effectively, and are likely to know of some possible buyers who are interested in your house or neighborhood. Instead of having to make expensive and stressful trips to the island to market your home, you can hire a Hawaii realtor and save yourself some travel time. This is especially important when you want to open your home for prospective buyers. When you use a realtor, you are not required to be present, so even if you are on-island, you aren’t tied down to the property during open house hours.


When it comes time to negotiate a deal on your home, hiring a Hawaii realtor to be your advocate can make a huge difference. From navigating mountains of paperwork to communicating with potential buyers, a Hawaii realtor will help protect your interests and make sure you get the best deal possible.

When selling your home, think long and hard about whether you really want to go at it alone. More often than not, you and your pocketbook will be happy you hired a Hawaii real estate agent to sell your home.

Photo by MarkMoz12