Home Energy Conservation

The island of Hawaii is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world. It is also part of the most isolated island chain in the world. For homeowners here, this means higher prices for things like food, appliances and energy. In fact, Hawaii has the highest cost of electricity in the U.S. By practicing some home energy conservation, you can still enjoy owning a home on Hawaii without the high utility costs.

Use fans instead of the air conditioner.

Hawaii is a tropical island, so it can get hot here. However, temperatures rarely reach over 90 degrees, and the ocean breeze helps ensure it never gets too muggy. To save hundreds on your utility costs every year, opt to do what many of the locals do: turn off the AC and use fans to bring that cool ocean breeze into your home.

Use energy-saving tools

With a little help from technology, you can estimate power costs of appliances and pinpoint “energy vampires” lurking in your home. The Hawaiian Electric Company has a page full of free energy-saving tools and tips.

Buy ENERGY STAR® appliances.

If you are buying new appliances for your home, keep an eye out for that certified ENERGY STAR® logo. These appliances will be much more energy efficient, and will save you hundreds of dollars during their lifetime.

Use strip cords to cut power to electronics when not in use.

T.V.s, phone chargers, stereos and other electronic devices drain power even when turned off. Save on energy costs by plugging these devices into a power strip cord, and switch the cord’s power to “off” whenever you aren’t using them. This is especially handy when you leave the island for weeks at a time!

Other Home Energy Conservation Tips

  • Shorten showers by two minutes to save about $135 a year
  • Use the cold, instead of hot, cycle on the washing machine
  • Take care of faucet leaks right away
  • Replace old-fashioned incandescent lightbulbs with energy-saving compact fluorescent lightbulbs.