How to Improve Curb Appeal on Hawaii

Nothing turns off potential buyers faster than a home with a shabby exterior. Improving curb appeal in Hawaii presents some unique challenges, as well as great rewards. Help your home make a fabulous first impression with these strategies:


Before hiring a landscaper or getting out your pruners, start with a plan. Walk around your property and prioritize the projects that will have the greatest impact on curb appeal.

Power Wash

Hawaii’s humid, tropical climate allows moss and mildew to build up on pavers, walkways and driveways. It’s easy to overlook this issue, but you’ll be amazed by how clean and new your home will look after a power wash.

Tame the Jungle

Another unique curb appeal challenge in Hawaii are the weeds, vines and trees. The lush tropical climate that makes growing things so easy, also makes plants, wanted or not, get out of hand quickly. Before listing your property, tidy up areas that need weed whipping, vine removal and pruning.

Add Color

Bright, cheery flowers make a home feel more welcoming, and certainly more beautiful. Even if your home doesn’t have established flower beds, add a splash of color with potted flowers by the front door.

Liven Up the Lawn

Nothing is quite so off-putting as a tired-looking lawn full of weeds, no matter how great the rest of the front yard may look. Take some time, or hire a professional, to get your Hawaii lawn looking lush and green.

Show off the Tropics

Hawaii gardens can have that special tropical flair that homebuyers and visitors come to love. Show off that tropical beauty by adding some low-maintenance palms, bromeliads and bird-of-paradise. (Think Hawaii resort landscaping style). These plants will help add focal points along the property and will give the front yard a nice established look.

Don’t scare away buyers before they have a chance to see the inside of your home; improve your home’s curb appeal to boost your property’s value and entice more offers.