How to Survive Selling a Home

Challenging, stressful and surprisingly costly, selling a home can be just as difficult as buying. Many sellers underestimate just how stressful selling really is — and how much of a toll that stress can have on their lives. No mater how you feel at times, you can survive selling a home with your sanity intact — just follow some of the tips below to make the process easier.

Set your Goals

The number one goal of anyone selling a home is usually to get a great price in a few months or less; however, everyone’s situation is a little different. Some sellers may be willing to keep their house on the market for several extra months if it means getting 5{22208a55700cbb7beaf8dde94ccfb5c623055f8fb5d593660fcb30af3ced07e7} more for it, while others would rather bring down the price to sell quickly. Before selling, sit down and outline your goals. Think about possible home improvements and inspections, and how much you’re willing to spend, as well as your ideal outcome and timeline. With your goals in mind, you may feel more focused and less likely to make mistakes.

Hire a good Realtor

Once you have your goals defined, seek out and hire a realtor who is best suited for your needs. Selling a home involves mountains of paperwork, marketing and negotiation, and experienced realtors are experts at navigating the process. Not only can a real estate agent help you sell your home more quickly, he or she can also help you get thousands more for your home — and save you lots of stress in the process.

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Be sure to hire a realtor you can trust — and then be willing to trust his or her expertise. Remember, it’s your realtor’s job to attract qualified buyers, and it’s in your realtor’s best interest to get you a great price for your home. By trusting in your realtor, you’ll feel supported, and won’t feel the need to manage every step of the selling process on your own.

Take a Break

It can take many long months for a home to sell, and at some point many sellers understandably feel anxious, overwhelmed, or just plain burned-out. In order to keep going without sacrificing your sanity, it’s important to take the time to step back, relax and recharge. Schedule a massage for yourself, go out on a date, or enjoy a little “staycation” at home. Even if you’re feeling great, a little down time can go a long way.

It may not feel like it at times, but you can survive selling a home as long as you prepare yourself ahead of time, get a good team to support you, and take some special time for yourself once in a while. With this low-stress foundation, you will be better equipped to handle every little detail and step along the way.