New In The Kailua Kona Hawaii Zip Code

The County of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona is growing!  The Kona Hawaii zip code has a history of being a “sleepy fishing town” which we are fortunate to still have those core values still in tact.  It’s exciting to see this small town expand and give our communities more opportunity and things to do in Kona Hawaii.

Kailua-Kona Business Growth Opportunities

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on at the corner of Henry st. and Queen Ka’ahumanu hwy.  It’s Niumalu Marketplace and the developers project this project should create:

  • around 300 long-term, temporary construction jobs
  • with several hundred part-time jobs
  • full-time positions available in the site’s various businesses once construction is completed.

When is the Opening of Niumalu Marketplace?

It’s planned to be open in 2020 with Safeway as the flagship store with an expanded produce section, butcher block and a gas station.  At approximately $95 million being invested into this project, Niumalu Marketplace will be situated on 20 acres off Henry Street, adjacent to Lanihau Shopping Center.

I hope to continue seeing growth here in Kona for our local families to have more places to create memories at!

Do you have a wishlist of restaurants, businesses or entertainment you’d like to see on the Big Island Hawaii?

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