What to Know before Buying a Home in Tropical Hawaii

Owning a home in tropical Hawaii can be a dream come true. Homeowners here live minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they never have to worry about ice or snow. There are, however, a few minor challenges. If you are thinking of owning a piece of paradise, here are some things to be aware of before buying a home in tropical Hawaii:

Mold: Thanks to the island’s warm and humid climate, mold is a frequent concern in Hawaii homes. Not only is mold unsightly, it can also cause health problems, especially for sensitive people. It’s impossible to completely stop mold spores from entering the home, but keeping your home’s indoor humidity below 60{22208a55700cbb7beaf8dde94ccfb5c623055f8fb5d593660fcb30af3ced07e7} and venting appliances and rooms that produce moisture can keep most mold at bay. In more extreme cases, you may need to hire a professional.

Hurricanes: Thanks to Hawaii’s unique weather system, tropical storms and hurricanes are very rare in Hawaii, with decades passing between direct hits by these powerful storms. The last one, Hurricane Iniki, hit Kauai back in 1992. Although very uncommon, hurricanes can cause extensive damage to island homes and infrastructure. Even a weak tropical storm can generate winds strong enough to topple trees and cause flooding, so make sure your home is well insured.

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Termites: One problem that comes with year-long warm weather, is that there is never a break from insects, including termites. There are two species of termite in Hawaii: Drywood termites, and the more destructive subterranean termites. Both species can damage your home and are capable of infesting even newer homes. Following prevention tips like keeping the house slab clear, storing firewood away from the house, keeping attic vents covered, and getting regular termite inspections, will greatly reduce your chances of an infestation.

Weeds. Another problem you should be aware of before buying a home in tropical Hawaii is the cost of landscape maintenance. Unless you live in a condo or other property that includes landscaping in the HOA fees, landscape maintenance is a must. Weeds and even ornamental plants can get out of hand very quickly in Hawaii’s warm, sunny weather. Massive fruit trees drop fruit that can quickly rot, palm trees need dead palm leaves removed, and vines like passionfruit need to be kept at bay. Depending on the size of your landscaped yard and location, landscape maintenance can prove costly and time consuming.

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