Tips for Moving to Hawaii

So you’re moving to Hawaii — congratulations! Living in Hawaii is a dream come true. The process of moving here can be intimidating, but you will be rewarded with the ocean, landscape and culture that defines Big Island living.

If you’re planning on relocating to the Big Island from the mainland, here are a few helpful tips for moving to Hawaii to get you started:

When it comes to moving stuff, less is more. We all get attached to our cars, furniture and other possessions, but moving all that stuff thousands of miles and across half an ocean can be both expensive and stressful. Many newcomers find that it’s much cheaper and easier to sell or store their larger items and buy what they need once they arrive. If you do use a moving service, use a reputable company, but be sure to do your homework first to get an idea of how long the shipping might take.

[bctt tweet=”Unexpected delays are the norm for a big move to Hawaii, so give yourself plenty of extra time.”]

Give yourself extra time. Buying a home and moving anywhere new takes more time than you expect, and this is especially the case if you are moving to Hawaii. Shipping your car or belongings, for example, can take a month or more, while finding the right home to buy in Hawaii’s hot market can take weeks longer than you planned for. Unexpected hurdles and delays are simply the norm for such a big move, so give yourself plenty of time and prepare for everything to go at a slower pace.

Take that leap of faith. Everyone dreams of moving to Hawaii, but it takes courage to move to a remote island chain, even if it is paradise. Along the way, you may have moments of frustration or doubt, and that’s completely understandable. Just have faith in yourself, take that leap of faith, and look forward to the amazing Hawaii lifestyle that you’ve dreamed of. It will be worth the effort!