Vacation Rentals in Hawaii


We live in a beautiful place and many people seek to find condos in Hawaii for sale so they can enjoy vacationing here and make an income on that property by doing short term vacation rentals from it, when they aren’t in Hawaii. Before you go ahead and buy the first property you see, let me tell you about some current news for Big Island Real Estate.

Right now in Hawaii on the big island, at the state and county level, they are thinking of passing a bill that could affect short term rentals or what some might call weekly rentals in Hawaii. If your home is currently zoned in a residential area, you will either be grandfathered in or they will not allow Hawaii vacation rentals on the big island.

What does this mean for you?

My tips for buying a condo or doing airbnb on Hawaii “Big Island” because we don’t know if this law is going to pass or what they’re going to do specifically with it. I would suggest, if you are specifically looking for a vacation rental or condos for sale Kailua Kona, that you would purchase property in a “resort zoning” type property. This type of property in “big island” real estate could be either a condo or a home that’s specifically zoned with the county to be in a resort area.

Whether this law passes or not, you will not be affected with your investment on your vacation rental by this law that’s on the table right now.

Some of the most common Big Island Resort areas would be in Kailua Kona or Waikoloa Resort.

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