Why you should buy your second Home in Hawaii

In recent years, more people are choosing to buy a second home in Hawaii, rather than stay at a hotel. The benefits of owning a home here are many, and can absolutely outweigh the higher cost of living. Here are some of the top reasons why you should buy your second home in Hawaii:

It’s a great investment.

Hawaii real estate is a hot market right now. This tropical paradise is a top destination with limited space (it’s an island, after all), so real estate prices are very likely to grow significantly over the coming years.

Live like a local.

Owning your own home in Hawaii allows you to do more than just vacation here; it allows you to live like a local! Stay for weeks at a time, get to know the area, make friends, and take advantage of those “kama’aina” (local) deals on popular attractions like whale watching tours and fishing excursions.

Keep your beach stuff in Hawaii.

One nice perk about owning your own Hawaii home is that you don’t need to haul your beach belongings to and from the mainland. Your towels, snorkel gear, paddleboards and bicycles can just stay at your house or condo, right where you need them. Many people who own their second home in Hawaii even purchase and park their car here to avoid the hassle of renting.

Escape to a tropical paradise for weeks at a time.

Vacation rental and hotel prices are rising quickly, and the cost can significantly impact the length of your stay on Hawaii. By owning your own house or condo, you can skip the daily rate completely and feel free to vacation here for weeks, and even months, at a time.

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Turn your home into a vacation rental.

Being such a hot tourist destination, Hawaii is the perfect place to buy a second home with the intention of turning it into a vacation rental when you are off-island. Lots of homeowners here are able to significantly offset the cost of owning a home by renting it out, and many are even able to generate a great passive source of income! Check the listings of condos on Hawaii; many of them offer services to help clean and care for your vacation rental for you while you’re away – taking the hard work and worry out of the equation.

If you worry that you can’t afford to buy your second home in Hawaii, contact real estate agent Lailan Bento — you might be surprised at what’s available in your price range.

Photo by miamism