Why You should Move to Hawaii Island

So you want to move to Hawaii, but where, exactly, should you live on this sprawling island chain? There are several different islands to choose from, and each has its own unique feel and attributes. There’s bustling Oahu, rustic Kauai, beautiful Maui, and of course the incredible Hawaii Island. All of the Hawaiian islands are wonderful places to live, but here are five great reasons why you should move to Hawaii, the Big Island.

#1 Hawaii is big! They don’t call it the “Big Island” for nothing: The island of Hawaii is more than twice the size of the other major Hawaiian islands combined. This means more more mountains and valleys to explore, and more space. If you are worried about catching “island fever,” or prefer rural towns over crowded cities, than you should move to Hawaii Island.

#2 Hawaii is more affordable. Thanks to all that great space, the Big Island boasts the most affordable real estate of any Hawaiian island, overall. This can give you more options, such as acreage or a stand-alone house, and certainly more bang for your buck than real estate on the other islands.

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#3 Hawaii has culture and charm. Of all the major populated islands, the Big Island has retained the most of that turn-of-the-century Hawaii culture and lifestyle. The landscape here is dotted with small rural villages, and many of the old buildings, such as old sugar mills, the royal palace and ancient heiaus, are still standing. Life is much slower and simpler here than it is on Oahu and even Maui. If you want to live a more pure “Hawaii” lifestyle, than consider moving to the Big Island.

#4 Hawaii is full of adventure. Hawaii Island is the place to live if you like adventure and trying something new, even if it’s just relaxing at a beach you’ve never been to before. Some adventures you might be interested in include birdwatching the world’s rarest birds, witnessing an active lava flow, sledding down snowy mountain slopes and scuba-diving with manta rays.

#5 Hawaii has wonderful people. Simply put, the Big Island has the most friendly people around. Communities here are tight, and you will always see smiling faces. Community gatherings take place throughout the year, and are a wonderful way to meet new friends. Some not-to-be-missed yearly events include the Ironman World Championships, the Kona Coffee Festival and the Merrie Monarch Festival.